The range of spaces at Franklinturm.

A total of 14,800m2 of main use space is available. The areas of the individual floors can be subdivided freely, starting at 500m2 – ideal for an individual layout of a company office or for service spaces for companies in the education, health and IT sectors.

Büro- & Retailflächen

Usage Floor Rental/additional space
Büro21ca. 560/14 m²
Büro20ca. 560/14 m²
Büro19ca. 560/14 m²
Büro18ca. 560/14 m²
Büro17ca. 560/14 m²
Büro16ca. 560/14 m²
Büro15ca. 560/14 m²
Büro14ca. 560/14 m²
Büro13ca. 560/14 m²
Büro12ca. 560/14 m²
Büro11ca. 537/20 m²
Büro10ca. 809/20 m²
Büro09ca. 813/20 m²
Büro08ca. 813/20 m²
Büro07ca. 813/20 m²
Büro06ca. 813/20 m²
Büro05ca. 813/20 m²
Büro04ca. 1072/20 m²
Büro03ca. 1072/20 m²
Büro02ca. 1072/20 m²
Büro01ca. 653/59 m²
GastronomieEG105 m²
RetailEG115 m²
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